Romney’s Former NH Campaign Chairman Jumps Ship

by Mike on May 5, 2011

in Election 2012,Politics

Bruce Keogh, the Chairman of Mitt Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign has jumped ship because the he thinks the Governor has been too inconsistent in his policy position.  According to Keogh

“I don’t think the voters are looking for somebody who’s going to be recasting himself,” . . . “They want somebody who’s been true to a certain set of political ideals for a while.

Notice how Keogh’s standards aren’t very high.  He isn’t looking for someone to be rock solid, just someone who can stick to a single position for a while.

This may seem like no big deal, but building a strong organization is one of the largely unseen requirements for a successful presidential campaign.  That includes securing the right people to run the campaign, lining up donors, winning key endorsements, recruiting volunteers, etc.   I’m sure Romney will be able to to build a strong organization even without Keogh, but the circumstances surrounding his departure can only reinforce Romney’s reputation as the Republican version of John Kerry to those people on the ground in the early primary states.

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