Unemployment Back to 9%

by Ryan on May 6, 2011

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The seasonally adjusted U3 unemployment figure for the month of April saw the rate increase for the first time since November.  Those currently looking for a job who cannot find one are at 9%.  The “total unemployment rate” (U6) is up to 15.9% for the month of April

The administration seems happy about these numbers.  In truth, as economic conditions improve the unemployment rate should rise in the short-term as more people, encouraged by the new conditions, resume the job hunt.  Historically, unemployment is about 2 quarters (or 6 months) behind actual economic conditions. 

But numbers are psychological and this economy is still stagnant.  With a 6.9% difference between those looking and those who gave up looking for jobs, the reported unemployment rate could get much higher in the months ahead.  This is important because at the end of the day, 2012 is going to be an economy election.

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