Obama’s New Illegal Immigration Reform Push

by Ryan on May 10, 2011

in Economy,Election 2012,Immigration,Media Bias,Politics,War on Terror

Unemployment has hit 9% for the first time since November…  Gas is around $4.00 anywhere you go…  Al Qaeda has vowed revenge for the death of Bin Laden as we’ve upset the balance with Pakistan…  The debt is around $14.3 trillion…  We’re engaged militarily in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq at a time when the Mideast is in revolutionary turmoil…


Our President wants to talk about illegal immigration reform!

I don’t ask why anymore.  I’ve learned to ask two questions when a story like this comes out:  first, what’s his political calculation? and second, what is the other hand doing?  It’s obviously election season and Obama’s internal polling of Hispanics must be unpleasant, for one.  For another, we’re not talking about the economy or Pakistan today.  Obama also doesn’t need action on illegals, he just needs an issue.  So, it’s an issue again:  Barry 1, America 0.

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