Newt’s Officially Running for President

by Ryan on May 11, 2011

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has decided to officially put his hat in the ring to unseat President Obama in 2012.  Here’s his announcement video:

Just so my fellow conservatives know — I checked and Ronald Reagan is unfortunately still dead and not likely to run in 2012.  Also, I need to see more debates and see the full GOP field get tested before I specifically endorse anyone.

Getting that obligatory disclaimer out of the way, I do like Newt because he’s an “ideas guy”.  I’ve read a few of his books and while I don’t agree with everything he believes, I like how he thinks.  This old Fed Ex vs. the Federal Government clip is a jewel because it’s a simple limited government argument based in reality.

People will say, “I like Newt too, but he’s got baggage”.  True, he’s got a rough past regarding his ex-wives.  However, he and Callista seem very happy together.  Frankly, lingering over Newt’s relationship with his ex-wives isn’t going to help lower oil prices or unemployment.  You’d think the Dems would want to shy away from a candidate’s past associations in the general.  Not likely, though.  Newt would also completely school Obama in the debates, embarrassing the President in a Dick-Cheney-vs.-John-Edwards kind of way.  I’ve got the proverbial popcorn ready for that one!

That being said, Newt used to love showing how much he could get along with Nancy Pelosi and Reverend Al Sharpton.  He bought into the man-made global warming and climate change hysteria.  I don’t like those tendencies.  He also has an accommodating tendency towards government in ways which often blunt his conservative streaks.

The biggest damage, however, was done when the press tore him to shreds back in the 1990s.  It may not have been fatal (only time will tell), but the public will need a true and near complete re-introduction to Newt in order for him to be a first-tier candidate going into this Fall.

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