Soon to be $50 a Bulb

by Ryan on May 17, 2011

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Talk about necessarily skyrocketing both ends of domestic energy– the bill and now the bulb too!

Since, our government has nudged incandescent light bulbs off the market starting in January to meet the new efficiency standards, something else needs to make our homes bright at night.  In steps the LED bulb, estimated to be about $50 a piece next year.  Don’t worry, though, they are expected to drop to around $10 a bulb by 2015!

The cry across the New Media is to hoard the soon-to-be-banned incandescent bulbs.  I started hoarding years ago, as I began to notice that my regular bulbs were disappearing as the poisonous CFL bulbs were proliferating.

Based on my current stash, I’ll be good for a few more years.  By then, I hope a sensible Congress and President repeals this ridiculous regulation.

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Nikki Dobson June 1, 2011 at 5:24 am

I have been using the new light bulbs for several years now. I do realize that it does save energy and lower your electric bill. But, for the government to totally ban the regular light bulbs and take them off the market is just one more step to our loss of freedom. People should be able to choose if the want to save money on their electric bill or stick with what they have known and used all their lives.

And, you the companies that make the bulbs, to take them to $50.00 is utterly rediculous. If the government is going to make us switch to the newer bulbs, in my opinion, they should also regulate the manufacutors that make them. To pay $50.00 for a bulb, is a travesty. Most Americans are at this point in time having to choose between eating and buying their needed medication. The people in the government that is going to make this happen, needs to have to live like the majority of Americans do, from check to check, makeing a decision what bills to pay that week and what medications they can afford and what they will be able to feed their children. Let them live like normal Americans!!!


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