Surprise — The World Didn’t End!

by Ryan on May 22, 2011

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Were you waiting for the massive earthquake to hit at 6pm Eastern time (did they calculate taking daylight savings time into consideration?) which would have torn open graves and began the rapture, saving only those belonging to a small, specific religious sect, benignly watching the rest of us suffer until the world is consumed by a big fireball this October?

Me neither.

Strangely enough, there was a volcanic explosion in Iceland yesterday [mwa ha ha! cue the eerie music].

Careful about the Harold Camping ridicule, though — William Miller was wrong a few too many times in the 1840s and part of his followers became Jehovah’s Witnesses!

In all seriousness, yesterday’s joyous non-rapture raises an important legal point.  On December 21, 2012, the world is also supposed to end.  If some of Camping’s disappointed followers win a potential lawsuit now, think about the chaos our judicial system will endure on December 22, 2012, when people wake up from their hangovers to realize what jack-asses they’d just been?

Camping’s followers were naive and ignorant.  It’d be great to file a lawsuit against anyone promoting socialism or communism because their promises have been broken countless times over the last century, taking many lives, ruining nations, instigating warfare and subversion, and disrupting the public sphere for systems which don’t work because they’re contrary to human nature.

Communists and socialists are naive and ignorant as well, but should they sue their college professors and politicians for getting perpetually duped?

No.  In a free society, you make choices.  Not all of them are good ones.  Deal with it.

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