Did Anthony Weiner Tweet his Wiener?

by Mike on May 29, 2011

in Politics

Did Anthony Weiner tweet a picture of his weiner to a college chick (don’t worry, no picture at the link) earlier this weekend or is he telling the truth when he says that his account was hacked?  Since Weiner is a Democrat, don’t expect the mainstream media to run the story on a 24-hour loop like they would if it was a Republican, but thankfully we don’t have to rely on the mainstream media.  Because this is 2011, we have bloggers like Ace of Spades, Patterico, and The Other McCain to make us laugh while they poke holes in Weiner’s story.

I normally don’t find sex scandals funny.  Marital indiscretions can cause emotional damage to the innocent spouse and to any children that may be involved.  That said, I can’t help but laugh at this story.  Weiner is a guy who routinely lives up to his name, and his defense sounds as pathetic as he usually does.  I guess you could call it cringe comedy.

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