House Puts Obama on Notice Regarding Libya

by Ryan on June 4, 2011

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Yesterday the House of Representatives voted 268-145 to remind President Obama that he’s violated the War Powers Act in not asking for Congressional permission to keep a military operation running more than 60 days after it started.  It was a non-binding resolution, giving the President two weeks to get his act together.  Though merely symbolic at this point, it does put the President on defense.

The War Powers Act itself is dubious, but Obama has shown that if he doesn’t want to enforce a law, he simply won’t.  Congress seems to get in the President’s way now and then, so he finds ways to get around them through regulations, czars, and sometimes more brazenly like the not enforcing the borders, DOMA, and or his constitutional duties regarding Libya.

You know if Dubya did this he would have been raked over the coals by now — at least he got permission from Congress for both Iraq and Afghanistan before going in!

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