Tea Party to Support GOP Candidate

by Ryan on June 5, 2011

in Election 2010,Election 2012,Politics

Since the Tea Party is an amorphous but dedicated group of deficit and debt reduction hawks bent on reducing the size of government in our daily lives, they are a political movement to be reckoned with — they are conservative, but not Republican.

2010 does not happen without them and they continue to be where most of today’s political energy is (the rest of today’s political energy unfortunately lies with the “useful idiot” unions).

So, in 2012 a GOP victory is also going to hinge upon the Tea Party.  One Tea Party Express leader has wisely indicated that the Tea Party will not be going rogue with a third party should someone like Romney get the nomination.  Other Tea Party groups, like Freedom Works, are bent on defeating Romney in the primaries.

That intramural argument is fine and I will also try to find a more reliable and conservative candidate during the primaries, but what if Romney ultimately does win the nomination?  In my opinion, if the Tea Party is to remain relevant, it needs to continue to infiltrate and supplant national Republicans rather than make themselves into the third party de jour.

Without Tea Party energy behind the GOP, I have no doubt Obama will win a second term.  The Dems are fully aware of that fact too.

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