CNN’s GOP Debate

by Ryan on June 14, 2011

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Last night, St. Anselm College in New Hampshire hosted the latest GOP debate run by CNN.

As you’d expect, CNN was the story:  they unsuccessfully kept trying to get the Republicans to beat on each other;  moderator John King kept making awkward noises through 90% of the answers;  many of the questions had liberal presuppositions;  the “This or That” gimmick was embarrassing;  and because of the preceding, CNN tried to make the story about something other than the issues which was evident in the rushed nature of the questioning.

While CNN looked terrible the candidates themselves looked fine!  They targeted Obamanomics and almost completely left each other alone.  Below is my quick take on each of their performances:

Rick Santorum:  less feisty than his last performance, he looked measured, but was very Pennsylvania-centered and didn’t take advantage of the national audience.

Michelle Bachmann:  sharp and articulate, she met or surpassed expectations, putting her in a great position moving forward.

Newt Gingrich:  refuting a liberal premise or two, he had some solid but sober responses.  He looked tired.

Mitt Romney:  (sigh) looking the most “Presidential” his disarming affect and without anyone calling him on his inconsistencies, this debate was only positive for Mitt.

Ron Paul:  if he were running for Treasury Secretary, then he did great.  Unfortunately, he’s running for President, maybe for the wrong party!  While the larger philosophical debate may be moving towards Ron Paul’s position, the party won’t be.

Tim Pawlenty:  blowing his chance to zing Romney and distinguish himself, Pawlenty is today what he was yesterday.

Herman Cain:  though lacking political pedigree, he hung with the crowd and will get people taking a first or second look at this Tea Party favorite.

Generally, the current field is on the same page for about 90% of the issues.  While it may not have been MSM “exciting”, it was refreshing.  And while both the format and CNN sucked, I’m optimistic that this field will give Obama some hell over next 18 months.

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