Greece Continues to Burn

by Ryan on June 15, 2011

in Economy,Europe,Stupid government

More violence in Greece as youths (or “useful idiots” one may say) flip out over the next round of austerity measures the Papandreou government needs to pass due to Greece’s critical economic situation:

The welfare state is collapsing in different countries at a different pace as economic realities get in the way of sustaining a cradle-to-grave society.  These youths were lied to and are understandably upset, but breaking things won’t fix the problem — neither will electing socialists/communists who are ready to promise them an unrealistic demagogue’s future.  It’s a dangerous situation.

While Greece is further along the road to economic collapse than most Eurozone countries, I hope the American people see what may happen in our own streets if we keep going down the unsustainable road we are on.

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