Viewing British Politics Through a Fun House Mirror

by Mike on June 16, 2011

in Economy,UK Politics

The UK seems to be turning into bizarro world.  The Marxist-leaning Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is calling for reduction in wasteful government spending while his obnoxious left-wing Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (think Joe Biden without the charm, and yes, his name is actually Ed Balls) is calling for VAT tax cuts to stimulate the economy.   Meanwhile, the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron opposes the proposed small tax cut as fiscally irresponsible in light of their debt problem.

Obviously, heavy spending is what causes deficits in the first place, but opposing a small tax cut is lunacy.  Rather than opposing a tax cut the left wing opposition would support, why not go along with tax cut on the condition that every dollar pound is matched with a pound of further spending reductions?  That way, you get the stimulative benefits of lower tax rates while also tackling the spending that causes deficits in the first place.

Maybe David Cameron has his hands tied Lib Dem coalition partners.  Whatever the reason, one has to wonder whether our British friends even have a conservative party.  In all fairness to them however, I often wonder the same thing about us.

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