NJ Unions: “Adolf Christie” Poised for Destruction!

by Ryan on June 17, 2011

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God, even the union shills I work with were embarrassed by this one:

“Adolf” Christie?  Really?

Are they serious?  Unfortunately, they are.  Some of the changes possibly coming to New Jersey state employees aren’t pretty compared to what we’re used to.  But, shouldn’t libs love the concept of “shared sacrifice” in tough economic times?  Sure, when it happens to someone else.

Back to the hyperbole — one of the basic rules of dealing with liberals has always been:  if they call you a racist or compare you to Hitler, you know you’ve won the argument.  Union leader Chris Sheldon is merely admitting the fact that the unions lost because their sacrosanct Democrats in the Legislature bailed on them.  I supposed I’d be pissed too, but Hitler references?  Beyond poor.

Personally, as someone who will be directly affected by these changes, I fear that in 2014 regardless of what I pay into my medical benefits once the dust settles every state and municipality’s contract will automatically dump their employees into those Obama Care exchanges as a cost-cutting measure.  I’m sure my posts will be much more colorful when that happens.

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