Cantor, Kyl Out of Debt Talks

by Ryan on June 23, 2011

in Economy,Election 2012,Politics

The United States is over $14.3 trillion in debt — a very sobering, sad, and scary number.  It requires an serious, adult conversation in order to deal with this problem.

So, when the Dems show up to the debt talks with tax hikes (which slow economic growth and thereby reduces tax revenue), and what amounts to another wave of “stimulus” spending (which will only make our problems manifestly worse) on their agenda one can understand why House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl have left the debt talks in frustration until the President shows up or his droogs get serious — some Dems are even saying that the Republicans are “running away from the mess they created“!  Unbelievable.

We need a room full of adults to solve this problem.  At least the Republicans are pretending.

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