Who Needs Economists When We Have Psychics!

by Ryan on June 25, 2011

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Scouring the Internet today, I bumped into this CNN video posted at Malkin’s site:

I knew it — Bernanke’s Moon sign tells us he’ll be happy sometime in the Fall;  hence the economy will be looking up!  On the other hand, Bernanke could be happy because he got news of a grandchild coming, or maybe he’ll make some good investments in gold (ahem), or maybe he lost his job at the Federal Reserve and has more time to enjoy the new grandchild.  One can hope.

What a desperate sign of how far the MSM will go for some positive economic news which they’d hope to spin to help Obama’s reelection.  Seriously CNN?  Psychics?  Who knows, maybe they’ll be better at predicting the economy’s future than the “unexpectedly” always wrong Wall Street experts rubes working in their news division!

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