Greeks Imitate the Sore Losers of Vancouver

by Mike on June 28, 2011

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It looks like the Greek parasites took a break from extending their hands out to riot again.  Apparently, they don’t like the strings attached to the free money they’re about to receive in the form of a bailout.  It isn’t that they’re ungrateful or anything; it’s just that they don’t think they should have to fire public sector employees, enforce their tax laws, or stop spending money they confiscate from the productive members of their own society in order to receive someone else’s money.  So they really have no choice; they have to riot and break things.  If only the Greek police realized that before they busted out the tear gas.

Like the child who doesn’t fully appreciate that their allowance is only possible because mommy and daddy go to work every day, those dependent on the state take without ever thinking about where the free money comes from.  When the state eventually runs out of other peoples’ money and governments cut benefits, the moochers react by throwing temper tantrums.  The longer the moochers have been dependent, the more violent the tantrum.  That’s what has been and continues to happen in Greece.

Greece tells us that reducing government can be painful in the short term, but that its better to rip off the band aid now than crack skulls later.  Waiting until the rabble is more dependent will lead to even more violent reactions when the day of reckoning finally arrives.

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