The “Why I’m a Democrat” Video

by Ryan on June 28, 2011

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The Right Scoop was able to get a hold of a College Democrat video which was taken down for obvious reasons once you see it.  Because it’s so embarrassing, I believe the “Why I’m a Democrat” video needs to be shared widely.  Beck and crew have a blast with it in the first clip!  However, I’d suggest watching the actual clip first, then Beck’s reaction.

So, why are they Democrats?  Here’s what I gathered from their tone and reasoning:

  • They are Democrats because they obviously didn’t learn much in public school.
  • They are Democrats because they think they’re morally better people than you are.
  • They are Democrats because they can spend your money better than you can.
  • They are Democrats because they identify more with protecting their niche group than much else.
  • Ultimately, they are Democrats because they believe the state trumps the individual (when it suits their needs, of course).

All in all, nothing new here, but they could learn from various College Republican groups who, among other things, believe that you need to put your best looking people out where everyone can see them.

Then it dawns on me — maybe they did.

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