The Glenn Beck Show Ends

by Ryan on June 30, 2011

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After 29 months, Glenn Beck just finished his final show on the Fox News Channel.  Deciding that he needs to move on from TV and leave with his soul, Beck will continue his struggle to restore America as best he can using other mediums.

I’m going to miss his show, even more than when Rush left TV.  Beck carried a conservative message on TV unabashed and fearless, even willing to use chainsaws, countless dessert/food metaphors, and yes, lederhosen, to make his point in colorful and creative ways.

While correlation does not equal causation (my biggest problem with the show sometimes), Beck got the wheels turning into questioning the premises and motives of our self-appointed ruling class — the word “progressive” means something totally different than it used to!

He also recommended some great books.  I would likely never have picked up Atlas Shrugged, Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, or The 5000 Year Leap if it weren’t for Beck.  He helped to “nudge” (ha!) the Tea Party out of the parlor and into the public, noting many times that “we surround them“.

Beck will still be around, but not at 5pm Eastern on Fox News anymore.  My DVR will be thankful, but I’m a little sad (not enough to cry) to see this change.  Like Rush, however, TV may not end up being Beck’s best medium.

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MoogieP July 1, 2011 at 11:46 am

I’ve always enjoyed his radio program, and usually got something out of the FOX show. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll try the GBTV thing though. His leaving is a shame though.


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