Filibustering the Twitter Town Hall

by Ryan on July 6, 2011

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In order to stay hip to that young, tech-savvy part of the electorate whose future looks more and more bleak in the Obama Nation, our president decided to take some questions from them at a Twitter Town Hall*.

As you can imagine, even on Twitter Obama found ways to filibuster the session by only addressing 18 tweets (or 0.045% of the submitted questions) hand-picked by the folks at Twitter.  Also, as you can imagine, he spent his time justifying the Stimulus and picking on Republicans.  Blah blah blah.

Finally, surely as a way to commemorate George W. Bush‘s 65th birthday today, Obama used the word “internets” when addressing a question at the event.  That was nice of him, don’t you think?

*Truth be told, the President probably got word that I have finally opened a Twitter account and had to compensate somehow.  OK, probably not, but either way follow me on Twitter at Ryan_AOR.

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