USA Beats Brazil in Women’s World Cup

by Ryan on July 10, 2011

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I love those kinds of games when after it’s over you feel out of breath.  This was one of those games.  The USA defeated Brazil 2-2 [PK 5-3] (click here to see the scoring highlights) to move to the semifinals.  But, that cold statistic doesn’t do the game justice:

  • After a Brazil own-goal in the first 1:30 of the game, Brazil rallied back making us look sluggish and tense.
  • In the 66th minute, a USA player got a red card and Brazil was awarded a penalty kick.
  • After that penalty kick was blocked, the call was overturned on a technicality and Brazil quickly tied it up (at that point the crowd began to turn against Brazil, especially Marta, their premiere player).
  • In overtime Brazil went ahead early, as the USA was down a player from the red card.

Then, things got sketchy:

  • With a few minutes left in overtime, a Brazil player mysteriously went down, was put on a gurney, and hauled to the sideline before miraculously leaping off of it unscathed.  The crowd wanted blood, especially given the circumstance!
  • In the two extra minutes awarded from that travesty, the USA scored the latest goal in Women’s World Cup history — in the 122nd minute!
  • We easily out-shot Brazil in the penalty kick phase 5-3 and move on to the semifinals Wednesday against France.

I like when America is the good guy, as we plainly were in this game.  Add to that the bad calls (on both sides to be fair), the flurry of yellow cards, playing with 10 frickin’ players for nearly 60 minutes, the dramatic finish, and this may have been the best soccer game I’ve ever watched!

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