Jeter’s 3000th-Hit Ball Controversy

by Ryan on July 11, 2011

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Saturday afternoon at about 2pm, New York Yankees short stop Derek Jeter reached 3,000 hits in spectacular form — a booming home run!  It was pretty awesome, considering Jeter is the first Yankee to have reached 3,000 career hits all for this storied team, as well as being only the 28th player to do so in MLB history.

But what if you were in the stands and you caught this particular home run ball?  Would you keep it forever, cash in immediately, sit on it until Jeter retires, or just give it back to Jeter?

The latter is exactly what Christian Lopez, the lucky fan who caught the ball, actually did.  The Yanks hooked him up with some great perks moving forward, but some estimate that ball to be worth at around $250,000.

Lopez doesn’t worry about that and has no regrets.  It’s a great story about humility and being a thoughtful fan whose story is now tied up with Jeter’s.  But, others have a different view — grab the ball and milk the cash!

Sports-talk is awash today in “what would you do?” chatter.  At the risk of sounding shallow, I’d try to get Jeter to sign it and cash-in while emotions are still high.  But I’m not 23 like Lopez, nor am I fan of that caliber.   Plus, I have plenty of large financial obligations to deal with that he may not have.  Nonetheless, it still was a really stand-up thing for such a fan to do.

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