“The Five” Premieres on Fox

by Ryan on July 11, 2011

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We now have an answer to who or what is going to replace Glenn Beck on Fox News at the 5pm slot:  “The Five“.

Essentially, there are five panelists who each lead a discussion on at least five topics the press is talking about that day.

Today, the panelists were Eric Bolling who was my least favorite Beck sub, Andrea Tantaros who was perfectly placed at the end of the table (gotta love Fox News!), Dana Perino who’s always tolerable, Bob Beckel for MSNBC-style balance in reverse, and Greg Gutfeld whose schtick seems a bit misplaced at 5pm but always fun.

The first show was OK — it’s a typical talking-head show, the kind one expects to see at 5pm between a cable news channel’s market report and the 6 o’clock hard news.  Looking at the website it seems like the panelists may change from day to day, which will keep it fresh.

It ain’t Beck, but what could be?  As of its first show, however, I can say that my DVR will remain generally quiet around 5pm.

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Maria Dyson March 7, 2014 at 8:41 am

Well, Ryan……..still of the same opinion? My DVR has been set for this timeslot from the beginning, and I wouldn’t dream of changing it…….in spite of Bob Beckel.


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