“Fast and Furious” Set to Explode

by Ryan on July 12, 2011

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In 2009, the Holder Justice Department (too busy to deal with the most obvious example of voter intimidation I’ve ever seen) expanded the on-going Project Gunrunner in what has become known as “Operation Fast and Furious”.  In order to obtain evidence against Mexican drug cartels, undercover ATF agents sold weapons to those cartels hoping to trace the bullets back to the perps.  Here’s my problem:

  • First of all, they’re Mexican drug cartels whose violence has led to tens of thousands of deaths in Mexico and the USA over the last five years — there’s more than enough “evidence”; send in the drones!
  • Secondly, tracing bullets implies that they’ve been fired.  Since we’re talking about drug cartels, one has to assume that these bullets were fired in anger, likely at human targets.  Bad idea right there.
  • Also, you’d think you might want to let Mexico know you were doing this, since the guns were sold to Mexican drug lords.
  • More importantly, these guns directly resulted in the death of American Agent Brian Terry last December.

Earlier this year, Congressman Darrell Issa began investigating this issue which could lead to a potential obstruction of justice charge against Eric Holder or members of the Justice Department.  Why?  Because of inconsistent testimony and the appearance of ATF whistleblowers!  Some, like Allen West, have called for a Special Prosecutor to investigate these allegations.

Unlike the trumped-up daily barrage of Bush scandals back in the day, this one deals with border security, drug running, illegal firearms sales, international tension, inconsistencies at DOJ, and the death of an American agent.

This ain’t going away.

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