Incandescent Bulbs Still an Endangered Species

by Ryan on July 13, 2011

in Culture,Economy,Politics,science,Stupid government

The House voted yesterday 233-193 to overturn a 2007 regulation designed to essentially phase-out incandescent light bulbs in favor of the new toxic ones.  Unfortunately, while a majority, they apparently needed two-thirds to get rid of the latest statist intrusion into our living rooms.

This issue has become symbolic of the philosophical divide in DC:  based on junk science, we’re either going to curtail people’s freedoms by government dictate regulation, forcing them to purchase a more expensive, environmentally toxic bulb to maybe save a few dollars years from now;  or we let the market govern people’s behavior.

Which side are you on clearly determines the basic philosophy you have on the role of the government, which also explains why it has drawn such attention in today’s political environment.

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