A Line In the Sand

by Sal on July 18, 2011

in Economy,Politics

The GOP is showing signs of caving into the Obama Administration, or even worse, passing the buck and giving full debt limit authority to the President.  What is at stake here is not the matter of default (which is a myth – we’ve reached the debt ceiling four times before, where it remained for several months, and nothing happened to the capital markets.  Congress just stopped spending).  What is at stake here is the future direction of our government.

The State-Run Media is pushing Obama’s agenda, accusing the  GOP of not compromising on taxes; yet, Obama and the media’s idea of compromise is total capitulation by the Republicans on taxes.  But there is no pressure on Obama to cut spending to programs he has declared “off-limits” such as ObamaCare and high-speed rail (high speed rail, really?). Instead Obama, the media, and the Democrats continue to use scare tactics to try and convince the American people that they are serious and the Republicans are not, while not doing anything to address the current crisis except attempt to score political points.

The GOP needs to draw a line in the sand.  We suffer from two major problems in this country:  runaway government spending and the fact that we’re overtaxed (yes, people making $250k+ are overtaxed.  The quickest way to spur economic growth?  Put in place a permanent cut in the Corporate Tax Rate and the Capital Gains taxes.  Watch how fast investment starts happening.)  I say that the GOP passes a bill that maintains the debt limit, funds Social Security and Medicare for the remainder of the year, and cuts whatever else it needs to (including ObamaCare) to keep the budget under the debt limit for the remainder of 2011.  Let’s see the Democrats try to handle that one.

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