A World Without Borders

by Mike on July 18, 2011

in Anything Else

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Borders Bookstores is going out of business at the end of September.

This news was probably inevitable.  Books of all kinds are readily available online for much cheaper prices than you can find in the brick and mortar shops, and shopping in cyberspace can be more convenient.  Couple that new reality with the economic malaise and Borders probably didn’t stand much of a chance.

As a bookstore addict, I am disappointed to hear the news.  Unlike Barnes & Noble, which stocks hundreds of copies of about five different books and looks more like a Toys R Us than a bookstore, Borders had a decent selection for a chain bookstore targeted toward suburbia.  Looks like I’ll be using Amazon a lot more.  Oh yeah, and visiting the Communist bookstore (which, despite giving liberal propaganda the best shelf space, still manages to stock an amazing selection of books written from every perspective imaginable).

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