“Gentry Liberalism” Exposed

by Ryan on July 18, 2011

in Economy,Election 2012,History,Politics

Here’s an article I read today which exposes what the author calls “gentry liberalism”:  the movement over the last 40 years of the Democrat Party away from the regular guy towards specific corporate interests.  The date bears this out — in a period of Democrat political dominance Wall Street has done very well, while Main Street deals with chronic unemployment and the sharing of scarcity.

Corporatism and excessive regulation are on the rise and this Administration is picking the winners and losers.  The author infers that Obama is forging a new economic/political base of corporate interests and public sector employee unions, hoping the old base continues to play along.

Cash cows and scary, noisy crowds may be enough for the Obama Nation in 2012, but moving forward the party’s screwed.  Echoes of Codevilla’s “Ruling Class” argument inevitably ring — the people won’t put up with being harmed forever.  It’s good to see some academics starting to figure out what we’ve known for a while about the direction of today’s Democrat Party.

H/T: Hot Air

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