Freedom of the Press, According to Liberals

by Mike on July 19, 2011

in Media,Media Bias,UK Politics

For years, liberals controlled every television network and most of the print media in the United States.  Then Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the conservative blogosphere came along, which caused many on the left to act like Nancy Pelosi when she comes into contact with Holy Water.  Of course, that conservative-leaning media is only a small percentage of news reporting in this country, but that doesn’t matter to liberals.  The existence of dissenting opinion is, for them, reason to have a fairness doctrine, net neutrality, or whatever other label they like to affix to restrictions on freedom of speech.  Liberals get testy when they don’t have a monopoly over media outlets.

Neil Kinnock, the former Labour Party Leader who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he lost general elections to both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, is calling for the state to ensure “balance” in media reporting.  What Kinnock means by “balance” is anyone’s guess, but if his approach is anything like that of the American left, you can rest assured that “balance” means silencing whomever liberals don’t like.

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