Uh Oh: “Gang of Six” Shows Up to Save the Day

by Ryan on July 20, 2011

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The “Gang of Six” has reemerged to solve our debt crisis in the Senate.  Oh boy.

Their solution essentially boils down to raising taxes in exchange for some immediate short-term cuts.  Everything else in the plan is beyond 2011, which means it is absolutely meaningless:  ignore any positive tax code reform talk;  Obama Care will remain alive and well with the extra oomph of being further codified;  our entitlements will not be touched in the way the GOP “Gang” members intend;  and the Republicans will have been on record voting for tax-hikes going into the 2012 election cycle.

In essence, Obama and the Dems will claim victory, get a campaign issue for next year, and the Republicans force their base to eat a crap sandwich.  In fact, Obama has even said that the Gang’s plan is “broadly consistent with the approach that I’ve urged.”

The House knows all this and passed their “cut, cap, and balance” plan which would actually address our problems in a meaningful way.  It won’t pass the Senate, but the Gang’s plan won’t pass the House.  So, again, the Senate Republicans are allowing Obama to be good guy, bridging the warring political factions.

Thanks GOP Gang of Six members!  I was also wondering:  can I put mustard on my crap sandwich or do I have to eat it plain?

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