There Will Be NFL Football

by Ryan on July 25, 2011

in Economy,Sports

Today, word came out that the NFL team owners and the NFLPA have agreed to a contract through 2021.

Phew!  And all it cost the fans was the meaningless Hall of Fame game!

I’ve never been too concerned about the details of this conflict, except that I didn’t like the potential 18-game season (which is off the table until at least 2013).  In a perfect world, I’d be cool with the 18-game season if the teams get another bye-week and the extra games are added in the winter.  Then, the Super Bowl would be pushed to President’s Day weekend giving every American what we really want after the big game — the next day off!

Regardless, I’m just happy that my favorite sport will be played on time next season.  In fact, because of the delay and inability to sign free agents or train up the rookies those practically useless preseason games now become somewhat important.

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