Obama and Boehner’s Dueling Speeches

by Ryan on July 26, 2011

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President Obama and John Boehner gave dueling prime time speeches last night which pretty much broke down this way:

  • Obama blamed Bush and Tea Party conservatives out of the gate for everything that’s wrong, took Ronald Reagan’s name in vain and without context, lied again about the social security checks, played class warfare like no President I’ve ever seen, and used poll-tested language (his “balanced approach” mantra) to reassert himself into negotiations which are leaving his obstructionism behind.
  • Boehner, on the other hand, blamed the reckless spending of the Obama Nation and the Administration/Senate Democrat’s desire to continue spending us into oblivion for the deadlock.  Boehner referred to the Republican “cut, cap and balance” plan and even mentioned that they all were on the verge of a deal until Obama reneged on it last week.  Boehner, also using poll-tested language, explained his position and made his appeal brief.

One speech was deceptive and divisive, the other sober and serious.  Both had their eyes on angling for 2012 political momentum.  The only problem for Obama is that despite how this ends up next week, he’s not actually running against Boehner next year.

As far as the speeches, we’ll see in the coming days if there is any poll movement.

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