Establishment Hero, John McCain

by Ryan on July 28, 2011

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Over the last day or two, the ruling class elites in the Republican Party establishment have gotten their knives out.  The Tea Party is more of an existential threat to them than the Democrats are, so an aggressive push against them has reared its head now that the GOP’s Tea Party faction is facing maximum stress.  Here’s Bill Kristol’s establishment plea to cave without much of a fight.

But more importantly, here’s John McCain (the MSM’s favorite Republican who graciously lost like a champ in 2008) on the Senate floor repeating an establishment editorial from the WSJ:

Totally unnecessary, condescending, and showing more ire towards his own party than the Dems who got us into this mess.  McCain even campaigned for Sharron Angle in 2010 and actually ran with Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin in 2008!

News to John McCain:  if the GOP didn’t suck so much, the Tea Party wouldn’t exist.  Notice he doesn’t pick on all the Tea Party candidates who won.  In McCain’s case, this speech is indicative of a codgy old man frustrated no one’s paying attention to him anymore.  For the establishment, it’s indicative of their attempt to wrest control of the troops from the Tea Party through defeat and guilt.  How heroic of our ankle-grabbing establishment rubes!

If I remember, the hobbits were not only the good guys in that story, but they also won the day.  The establishment should never give the Tea Party a hopeful metaphor — they’ll just dig in!

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