Tea Party: Delusional Addicts They are Not

by Ryan on August 4, 2011

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The left gets funny when they get desperate, so we all knew this was coming:  MSNBC had a psychologist on to say that Tea Partiers are exhibiting delusional behavior similar to those of people with addiction.  Off-base and ridiculous, this interview was a simple sore-loser move.

This episode reminded me somewhat when the left went bonkers over the reelection of George W. Bush.  Then, board certified psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer diagnosed some of them with “Bush Derangement Syndrome“.  Though entertaining, ridicule through farcical psychiatric anecdote did nothing to diminish the other side’s resolve.

However, the difference here is huge:  those with “BDS” were behaving irrationally, while the Tea Party is the most economically rational political faction in America today.

Those who seem most like addicts are those free-basing Big Government spending, who will lie to themselves thinking this liberal panacea can last forever, and who scapegoat these intellectual fallacies on a group actually trying to help break our spending addiction.  The Tea Partiers are not acting like delusional addicts;  it’s the left who’s involved in psychological projection and delusion on MSNBC.

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