John Kasich: Governor Upgrade

by Mike on August 8, 2011

in Economy,Politics

With deficits out of control, it’s obvious that tax increases are essential.  Otherwise, governments run a serious risk of having their credit downgraded.  Our liberal friends have been telling us that for well, days.  So I don’t know what on earth Ohio Governor John Kasich was thinking when he cut taxes last year.  Didn’t he know that smoking tea risks a credit downgrade?  Apparently not.

Then again, maybe tea is something you shouldn’t knock until you try.  Via Gateway Pundit, here’s John Kasich on how his low tax, limited government policies led to Ohio’s credit being upgraded last month.

So Kasich implemented the exact opposite of President Downgrade Obama’s approach in Ohio, yet managed to get an upgrade.  I think need the White House should try what Kasich is smoking.

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