Supporters of “President Downgrade”: Downgrade is Tea Party’s Fault

by Mike on August 8, 2011

in Economy,Politics

The United States credit rating has been downgraded.  But don’t blame President Obama and his two and half year spending spree; no, the downgrade is the Tea Party’s fault.  Now I know what you’re thinking: you can’t blame an astronomically high national debt on a movement whose existence is dedicated to reducing government spending.  Well, you’re just smoking tea, or something.  Say what you will about liberals you can’t deny that they sure know how to stick to a talking point.

What they can’t stick to is a consistent story.  When the shift the blame kicked off, the left argued that the Tea Party caused the downgrade because their failure to compromise brought us close to defaulting.  The problem with that accusation is the S&P did not downgrade our country based on how close we did or did not come to defaulting; the downgrade was the direct result of the overall debt we have accumulated, especially the debt accumulated under Obama’s spending spree.  So that story isn’t going to work.

Then the tax cheat Obama put in charge of the Treasury Department made the rounds this weekend and argued that the downgrade shouldn’t have happened at all because S&P showed terrible judgment by downgrading our credit rating.  But that can’t be right either because if there should not have been a downgrade in the first place, then the Tea Party couldn’t have caused the problem because the problem wouldn’t actually exist.

I suppose they’re now going to argue that the Tea Party is to blame because it wouldn’t agree to a tax increase (they’ll call it a “revenue increase”).  Of course this ignores the fact that the short term revenues gained from taxing the wealthy wouldn’t even make a dent in the massive debt Obama accumulated and would actually decrease revenues over the long term by continuing the stagnation we are experiencing right now.  Besides, S&P told us for weeks that the only proposal on the table that would have prevented a downgrade was the Tea Party-inspired “cut, cap, and balance” proposal.

The fact never support the left’s worldview, but that won’t stop them from repeating the phrase “tea party downgrade” for the next year and half.  We on the right better be prepared to refer to Obama as “President Downgrade” just as often.

Hat tip to Kevin Eder for coming up with the term “President Downgrade”

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rightonoz August 9, 2011 at 3:07 am

Personally think it’s endemic. Obama may have taken it to new heights, however GWB was a spendthrift also, and billions in pork barrels from both sides, hardly think either can honestly be pointing the finger.


Mike August 9, 2011 at 8:58 am

Fair point, Oz. Although Obama’s record is far worse, both sides contributed to the problem by overspending; Bush even created an entitlement program.

That said, the right in this country is rejuvenated thanks to the Tea Party. Our elites constantly call for a balanced approach, but they don’t identify the problem. The only way to balance out a three year spending spree is to cut spending.


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