Riots in Britain, Day Four

by Mike on August 9, 2011

in Culture

It all began when a 29-year old man was killed by gunfire as London police attempted to arrest him.  A few days after the arrest, the details of what happened during the arrest are still unclear, but what we do know is that riots broke out in the Tottenham section of London shortly after the arrest, and now the riots are in their fourth day and have spread throughout the UK.

Those who know a little British history know that the London mob is nothing new.  For centuries, there has always been a risk that the slightest little thing could set the mob off against whatever group happened to be out of favor.  That said, the riots are a sign that not all is well with British culture, or indeed western culture generally, at the moment.

What happened in this case was that, for reasons still unknown at this moment, an arrest turned violent.  Not knowing what actually happened, groups of people who perceived themselves as victims decided to take matters into their own hands and wreak havoc on all those around them.  They aren’t concerned about their country.  They aren’t concerned about the well-being of their neighbors.  To them, their entire existence is “me, me, me.”

That is especially true of the copycat riots now breaking out in London and in cities like Birmingham and Liverpool.  The riots started when a perceived victim class lashed out at a culture they despised.  But soon, people who may not even have a victim card to play nevertheless share the same disrespect for human beings, private property, order, and basic decency as the original rioters joined in.  Essentially, a nihilistic mob of thugs took over.

Predictably, some on the British left are more concerned with blaming the riots on the economic policies of the Conservative Party.  What those leftist fools fail to realize is what their argument really says when taken to its logical conclusion.

According the fringe of the British left, their rank and file supporters are so hellbent on receiving benefits paid for by the wages earned by the productive members of society, that at the first sign that the amount of those benefits received will be reduced, they will riot in the streets, use violence against their neighbors, and burn other people’s businesses to the ground.  Essentially, the leftists blaming their political opponents for the disorder are admitting that their own supporters are nothing short of economic terrorists.

Of course, no serious person is going to argue that the riots are a really rambunctious meeting of the Labour Party in disguise.  Most people on both the left and right see those who would equate riots like this with any form of political discourse as morons.  What those morons are, however, is another symptom of cultural decline.

All over the western world, there a significant minority of people for whom every event has to be viewed through a political lens.  In this case, all of Britain is being terrorized and all some people can think about is how their side can benefit politically rather than how they can come together to stop the riots and punish those responsible.  When the riots finally end and I pray they end soon, don’t be surprised when some of those politically minded opportunists excuse the behavior of the rioters solely because they are part of some group that holds themselves out as victims.  Thankfully, some in Britain are already warning against this.

Western culture is diseased right now, and the UK is showing symptoms.  Let’s hope we find a cure.

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