Wisconsin GOP Survives Recall

by Ryan on August 10, 2011

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With ire in their eyes after Scott Walker’s budget repair reform earlier this year, local Wisconsin along with national union stooges set their sights on the only avenue they had left:  recalling select weak state GOP representatives in hopes of taking back the Wisconsin state senate to undo Walker’s agenda.

It didn’t work.  As of this morning the Wisconsin GOP holds 17 seats to the Dems 16.  The millions of dollars spent on negative ads trying to destroy their opponents failed.  Just in these few recall races, $35 million was spent compared with $20 million on the 115 races last November!  That’s gotta hurt.

In fact, with two more elections next week in Democrat districts, the GOP could even pick up more!  Obama should pay attention to this:  out spending and out shouting your opponents doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fool the voters anymore.

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