Media Myth Busting: No, the GOP Congress Is Not Unpopular

by Sal on August 15, 2011

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One of the myths perpetrated by the media in the aftermath of the “debt-ceiling crisis” is that the GOP has done a lot of damage to their reputation, and that there’s an anti-incumbent mood in the air.  Yet these types of stories distort the facts.  Yes, Congress is unpopular, but mainly because the GOP doesn’t completely control congress.  Let’s look at another poll, one that does a good job of accurately measuring people’s party preference for Congress (even if it doesn’t tell the full story of local races):  the Generic Congressional Ballot.

Rasmussen published a generic congressional ballot poll today, comprised of 3,500 likely voters (a fairly large sample of the most accurate sampling group, likely voters), shows the American voting public favoring the GOP 44-37, a +7 advantage for the GOP.  Now, on the eve of the 2010 elections, the GOP had a slightly higher advantage:  +10 (49-39).  This poll, however, actually represents a 3-point increase since just before the debt ceiling vote.  So, another media myth busted.  It’s not that the people don’t want Republicans in Congress, it’s just that the American people don’t like Congress in general.

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