Obama Engages Tea Partier

by Ryan on August 16, 2011

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While glad-handing yesterday in Iowa, the President had this exchange with some Tea Party folks in the crowd:

The Fox people technically had it right:  while never saying the Tea Party “acted like terrorists” on the record, it’s hard to imagine the gaffe-prone Vice President not saying it in a closed door session with his caucus, especially when some Democrats who were there said Biden did.  In fact, it was one of the left’s main talking points towards the end of the debt negotiations!  So, I’m not buying it.

Regardless, Obama’s retort that he’d been called names too was the kind of petty and weak response a not-quite-one-full-term Senator might give.  On the budget issue, neither Clinton or Dubya would have even engaged that deeply without a smile and a “I guess we just disagree” kind of response.  Obama, however, resorted to a “you’re not listening”-style jab.  For being America’s “ruler”, insecurities seem to abound with this man!

Look for more of these moments as the campaigning picks up.

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