Obama’s Political “Backdoor Amnesty” Solution

by Ryan on August 19, 2011

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There are two points regarding this story about the DHS suspending deportations of illegals using the standards put forth in the not-going-to pass DREAM Act which stand out:

First is the administration’s use of their old play: “If you can’t get it through Congress, use the bureaucracy to push it through anyway“.  Here’s another example of how the administration only enforce laws it likes, not the ones on the books.  I hope Congress will have the cojones to make DHS defend its actions in front of well-publicized Congressional hearings sometime soon.

Second, Obama seems to be doing this to shore up wayward elements of his base, which he must feel are getting annoyed with him.  If this trend continues and he has to placate other extremists in his base, things could get pretty crazy in the next 15 months. Remember, with the House and a filibuster-proof Senate, the Dems didn’t pass the DREAM Act, knowing how unpopular it is.  Using this route gets some of his base in line while shielding the Dems from being on the record.

However, scoffing at American sovereignty and disregarding the constitutional legislative process because you think it’ll shore up the Latino vote for next year’s election is not only thuggish, but undemocratic, unnecessarily divisive, desperate, cynical, and hurtful to this great nation.

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