The Northeast Quake

by Ryan on August 23, 2011

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There I was having lunch with a friend at Chili’s when the walls started to throb a bit.  It was kind of like there was a kid on the other side of the wall pushing and releasing the shoddy the wall in an annoying manner, mixed with the feeling Chili’s had a large washing machine against the wall ready to jump on spin cycle.  But the feeling didn’t stop right away.  Thirty seconds later there was still this weird wall throbbing — people in the restaurant were looking at each other saying, “Did you feel that too?” with a nervous chuckle.

Two minutes later it was all over the news in the bar:  a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck outside of Richmond, VA.  Virginia?  I’m in Central Jersey!  Reports came in that people as far as Boston and Michigan felt tremors.  I sent a few texts:  both my niece in Rhode Island and my sister in Central Massachusetts felt it too, as well as people all over Jersey.

This was my first earthquake, so those of you in California can pipe down — we’re not used to these things.  We love watching people not used to snow south of here handle that ever winter, so I get your ridicule.  However, when one sees earthquake video it’s usually more kinetic, let’s say, than what I felt, so I thought it was something else.  But after watching the coverage it made sense.  If this is what a 5.8 quake 300 miles from the epicenter feels like, a big quake must be terrifying!

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