Where Did All the Town Hall Meetings Go?

by Ryan on August 24, 2011

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This August, only 40% of the members of Congress are holding town hall meetings to hear directly from their constituents.  When you break down the numbers further, 51% of Republicans and a whopping 68% of Democrats are not bothering to hold these types of meetings!

Security is not the issue, given the increased focus on that since Gabby Giffords was shot in January.  So what gives?

Congress sucks, and apparently they know they suck.  They don’t want to be sandbagged with uncomfortable questions from irate “folks” which will end up in opposition ads next year, plus interest groups invading the floor with loaded questions could turn the meeting into red-meat for the opposition.  So much for proudly standing by one’s vote — a perfect example of trying to be everything to everyone, you end up nothing to no one.

Congress is on recess in order to talk to connect with their constituents and this format is generally accepted as the best way to do that face-to-face.  I think the 60% of Congress not holding at least one truly public forum shouldn’t bother running for reelection.  If their ruling-class patrician attitude has them avoiding the plebeian riff-raff because of a potentially embarrassing question or two, maybe they shouldn’t be those people’s representative.

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