My Hurricane was Mostly a Breeze

by Ryan on August 29, 2011

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Hurricane Irene really devastated some areas, but generally not mine.  New Jersey got tons of rain with a few significant gusts.  In my area the worst gusts hit with the sun shining Sunday afternoon, after nearly 2o straight hours of rain.

Although the eye came literally within 30 miles from where I live, I never lost power;  the lights only flickering a few times.  One of my windows leaked and my Wifi router shorted as I plugged it back in — a musty-smelling bedroom and no Internet until I could get to Best Buy were my biggest inconveniences.

Others were left with no electricity, massive flooding and property damage.  My parents in RI* are likely to be out of power until later this week! (*the above photo was taken by my brother just to the right of their house)

Irene was more like a summer version of a Nor’easter than a typical hurricane.  As I recall, Gloria and Bob were much more menacing, but I was much younger back then.  Either way, glad to have dodged the bullet — nature can be very unpredictable!

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