Uncle George Ruins It Again

by Ryan on August 31, 2011

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What to do with George Lucas?  Since 1997 he’s been treating Star Wars like a child whose parent won’t allow him to stand on his own:  we needed a “Special Edition”, we needed prequels and a cartoon series, and now we apparently need to hear more Darth Vader in a scene where he previously had not spoken.

Truthfully, I like most of the updates to the old movies in the Special Edition, being that most changes were mere special effect upgrades and an added scene here and there.  However, Han shoots first and Luke doesn’t yell.  That’s it.  End of story.

Why does Lucas do this kind of meddling?  We got to know and love the Star Wars characters the way they were, but Lucas seems to have some guilt about his product as his actual children got older.  Adding the voice to the Blue-Ray Edition, as heard in the above link, dumbs-down and weakens the important climactic scene.  Why change it?  Doesn’t he understand that the popularity of Star Wars is based on, well, Star Wars?

Let it be!  Stop being such a helicopter parent to the Star Wars movies.  If you’re going to mess with a classic, take a page from Peter Jackson’s book — he just upgrades video format (every few months it seems) and adds scenes, rather than fundamentally changing them.

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Southern Man September 1, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Well, I’m not with you on the SEs – the cosmetic changes were OK (if largely unnecessary) but the substantive ones were, by and large, negative – to the point that, as a Star Wars fan with shelves of SW books and figurines and such I won’t have them in my DVD collection; I’d still rather play the old VHS tapes and have the movies I remember and love. And I remember telling anyone who would listen that “this is what the prequels will look like, mark my words!” Sadly, I think I wuz right about that.


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