Nikki Haley Calls for Abolition of NLRB

by Mike on September 1, 2011

in Economy,Politics

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley gave the nation something to think about today when she called for the abolition of the National Labor Relations Board.

As you may recall, the NLRB caused a controversy when it blocked Boeing from building a plant in the Palmetto State because of its right to work laws.  As Governor of the state, Haley is undoubtedly frustrated with the Board and for good reason.  A new Boeing plant would bring a lot of jobs to South Carolina, but that can’t happen so long as a politically unaccountable federal entity stands in the way.  Simply put, the federal government is punishing South Carolina because of its pro-business environment.

It is unlikely that the NLRB will be abolished as long as Obama in the White House, but never underestimate the power of a backlash against an alliance of demanding labor unions with a sense of entitlement and too intrusive government.  Many conservative governors have already been successful in curbing the power of unions in midwestern states that aren’t exactly solidly Republican.

If the labor/government coalition keeps pushing its ideology by overreaching into the private sector and destroying jobs and profitability in the process, then they will continue to lose the public’s support.  Couple that with a courageous Republican President in 2013 and maybe the NLRB could disappear.  Or at least have its budget slashed and its power curbed dramatically.

Thank you Nikki Haley for trying to get the ball rolling.

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