“Fast and Furious” Scandal Keeps Growing

by Ryan on September 3, 2011

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Apparently, the White House knew more than they were letting on about “Fast and Furious” in the days after a border patrol agent Brian Terry was shot and killed by one of the guns clandestinely sold to Mexican drug gangs.  The White House obviously disputes any new issues which have arisen from the newly discovered emails.  Here’s an updated report on the growing scandal:

Don’t you love how the administration tries to marginalize and bully Fox News?  As usual the White House looks as weak and as petty as we know them to be.

Changing gears, for intellectual reasons I just want to throw this out there:

We know that every president who’s been reelected has either had a scandal or died in their second term.  We also know that these second-term scandals have their roots in president’s first term:  the Watergate break-in was during Nixon’s reelection campaign;  Iran-Contra only became a plan after the Boland Amendment was passed in Reagan’s first term;  the government shutdown which led Monica into Bill’s arms was in 1995 during Clinton’s first term;  and even the Valerie Plame nonsense began in 2003 during Dubya’s first term.  In all four of these cases, the seemingly minor scandal didn’t intensify until after their reelection.

I have a sense that if Obama gets reelected, “Fast and Furious” is the kind of issue that will balloon into a major second-term scandal.  Obama did not start this program, but people around him seriously messed up and someone in law enforcement was killed.  All this stone-walling and game-playing by the administration is bound to come back to haunt them, at this rate even before the 2012 elections!

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