Israeli Protesters Demand Their Goodies Too

by Ryan on September 4, 2011

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With the United Nations on the verge of royally screwing Israel by arbitrarily declaring Palestine an independent state (by the way, who will run it, Hamas or Fatah?), the recipient middle class across Israel has been taking to the streets to demand “social justice” and economic reforms from the Netanyahu government.  The protesters want, among other things, more “free” education and a larger government housing budget.

Strangely, Israel’s economy is comparatively pretty strong with only a 5.5% unemployment rate and a growing economy.  So, why the disproportionate outrage?

The phrase “social justice” used in this context clearly merely means redistribution, and some organizers of the rallies admit being inspired, in part, by the ill-fated “Arab Spring”.  Populist socialist agitation?  That’s two strikes against the movement.

Sadly, here’s another example of a Western-style nation with “youth” in the streets demanding a “better” future on the backs of others and in the face of conspicuously unsustainable economic programs moving forward.  Well, at least these socialists haven’t resorted to violence yet.

Stories like this makes one appreciate how remarkably special the Tea Party is being the only major social movement in the Western world demanding the government get out of the way, rather than demanding government usurp more power and property from society.

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