Egyptian Protesters Attack Israeli Embassy

by Ryan on September 10, 2011

in Israel,Social Unrest,War on Terror

Seven months since the American-condoned ouster of long time Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak, the people are restless.  The country has no planned elections and a military junta still reigns over the Earth’s largest Arab nation.  With a sense of rising expectations, small incidents take on deeper severity.

It is in this context that Egyptian protests outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo turned violent.  Protesters broke through a wall, entered the embassy, tore down the Israeli flag and dumped random documents into the street.  The junta responded (after a while) and eventually dispersed the crowd — an act which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appreciated.

The protests were formed after the junta failed to retaliate for the deaths of three Egyptian soldiers at the Israeli border.  Since a number of generals in Egypt have a living memory of the damage Israel can bring from all-out war, they’ve taken diplomatic steps — you know, the responsible thing to do.

However, the Egyptian youth in the street (who don’t remember the wars) and the Muslim Brotherhood (which doesn’t value life) are poised to take the political reins in Egypt if the junta allows elections.  Bold protests like this one do not portend well for the future relationship between Egypt and Israel.  And with American support weakening, more and more enemies will be emboldened to take a swipe at Israel.

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