Bobby Jindal Endorses Perry While Romney Secures Highly Coveted T-Paw Endorsement

by Mike on September 13, 2011

in Election 2012,Politics

Campaign endorsement season is finally upon us.  Yesterday, both republican frontrunners in the 2012 race received noteworthy endorsements.  Rick Perry landed an endorsement from Bobby Jindal, the popular Governor of Louisiana while Mitt Romney earned the endorsement of his former rival Tim Pawlenty.  You remember him, the guy who called Romney’s health care plan “Obamneycare?”

Endorsements don’t usually mean much in the world of politics.  There is admittedly some value in being able to draw on say, a popular governor’s field operations teams or fundraiser lists, but at the end of the day, few people actually base their vote on what another politician tells them they should do.  There are some limited exceptions, such as the Giuliani endorsement of Bloomberg in the immediate aftermath of September or a Palin endorsement during the 2010 primary season crowded by candidates handpicked by an out-of touch GOP establishment.  But under normal circumstances, the benefits of receiving an endorsement are minimal.

Although endorsements don’t help candidates’ political standing all that much, they are indicators of a campaign’s strength.  After all, what politician with future political aspirations or dreams of a sweet cabinet position is going to kiss the behind of someone with no chance of winning? The Jindal and Pawlenty endorsements aren’t going to make or break the Romney and Perry campaigns, but they are a sign that both candidates are in a good position at the moment.

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