Obama’s New Stimulus Bill Would Make it Illegal to Discriminate Against the Unemployed

by Ryan on September 14, 2011

in Economy,Politics

Reason number 1056 why the President’s latest stimulus bill is not going to get through Congress:  those who are unemployed and looking for a job who feel that they were not hired because of their employment status would be able to file a discrimination lawsuit.

The statist sounding “Prohibition of Discrimination in Employment on the Basis of an Individual’s Status as Unemployed” section of the bill outlines that very point.


How is this supposed to help the economy when every job interview could lead to a lawsuit if your business happened to hire the wrong applicant?  What about the intended/unintended regulatory expenses of complying with this mess?  The potential lawsuits and regulatory red-tape would cost private sector jobs!  Statist and stupid — no potential for legal abuse here!

Good thing Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) read the bill and found this gem before it moved forward.

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